Wellbe Coin Enabling Gamification Of The Fitness Industry For Providing More Ease In The Sports Industry

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5 min readJun 12, 2021

There’s no doubt that in recent years blockchain and cryptocurrencies were one of the hottest and most discussed topics on our planet. While we are still waiting for the ultimate breakthrough and mass-market penetration, we get exposed to a variety of startups and potential use cases for almost every industry. And once again the sports industry seems to be a late adopter, with no significant news or success stories. But that changed quite recently with the appearance of WellBe Coin, a beneficiary company in the Crypto era.

Before starting with Wellbe, let’s know how important Sports and Fitness in Blockchain technology. You will be get overwhelmed and then I will discuss why Well Be appeared in this sector.

Benefits of Using Blockchain in Sport and Fitness Industry

To make the growth of this industry keep increasing more than before, there is a need to introduce some level of flexibility to the users. Even with the growth of the industry, it is obvious that most people are changing from the traditional method of going to gyms, to online fitness professional services. Through Blockchain technology, these changes can easily benefit the stakeholders in the industry since it is based on the Internet.

Wellbe is already planning to use Blockchain technology to improve the sport and fitness industry. The platform has developed DApps which will benefit all users in many areas and also get rewarded for supporting the platform while building an easy-to-use ecosystem that allows users to benefit.

A self-financing project

WellBe Coin is a self-financing project. This fund will help the Fitness ecosystem’s structure evolve, innovate, and recover from a one-time disaster by supporting, accompanying, and assisting it. The WellBE Coin platform is leading the charge toward widespread cryptocurrency adoption in the fitness industry. WellBe Coin will accomplish that by promoting something of self-financing and governance, absorbing, improving, and working with the most advanced technologies in neuro-scientific Blockchain.

Mission Of Wellbe Coin

WellBe Coin intends to produce a single fitness and sports ecosystem coin which will deliver a range of rewards for all users and financial independence. The Fitness and Sports ecosystem has various factors which WellBe can integrate using the WellBe Coin cryptocurrency. Enables users to accomplish numerous transactions via a safe program secured by intelligent agreements, decentralized operations, and a self-financed cash flow offering fast, protected, and stable digital money to the user.

WellBe Token details

WELB is a BEP20 token that is built on Binance Smart Chain. It is the native token that will be used to access all services provided by the Wellbe Coin platform. By July 2021, 200,000 WELBs will be made available each month and will be distributed between the WELB Treasury, The WELB Bone, the Actors (teams of developers, marketing, security), and the Masternodes. The tokenomics is summarized below;

  • 40% to TRESOR WELB (including 10% for the FAS “Solidarity Aid Fund”)
  • 10% WELB Bone
  • 10% WELB actors
  • 40% to Development (then to Masternodes from the creation of the WELL Blockchain)
  • By July 2022, the number of WELB issued each month will decrease by 15% / year.

Let’s see their upcoming plan for the following years.

Roadmap of WellBe Coin

January 2021:

Presentation of Wellbe to the chosen partners for the launch of the project.
Development of the Coin Bone, dApps, ICO, and start of Earndrop.

Implementation of the treasury and WellBe Coin Bone systems.

Testenet and Block Explorer online.

March 2021:

Launching of the first phase WellBe Coin Airdrop.

April 2021:

Distribution of the WELB rewards from the first Airdrop campaign.

Launch of the ICO.

Migration of Ethereum blockchain to Binance smart chain.

Implementation of smart contracts for staking.

Q3 2021:

Staking is live.

Phase 1 of the Airdrop and Bounty Campaign is completed.

Q4 2021:

Earndrop phases second and third begin.

WELB.03 in development.

Creation of WELLBE app and video game.

Expand marketing efforts.

Q1 2022:

Launch of WellBe Coin 3.0.

End of 2nd and 3rd phase of Earndrop and start of 4th phase.

Launch and delivery of the first WellBe Coin crystal cards.

Q2 2022:

The marketing campaign in Europe for WELB adoption across the continent.
WellBe Coin will create its WELL Blockchain.

So, after seeing this, what is your plan? Are you going to invest here? If yes, then congratulations and wish your happy journey with wellBe Coin. Join them and make your money worthwhile by utilizing them for a great purpose. And I can assure you, you will not repent anymore.

Roam around Wellbe Coin:-

Website: https://www.wellbe-coin.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.wellbe-coin.com/t-en-gb/whitepaper/le-livre-blanc

Telegram: https://t.me/wellbecoingroupe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WellbeCoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellbecoin/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wellbe-coin/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/WellBeCoin/


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